The Keys

The Keys bible study is designed to introduce you to the some of the basic doctrines and beliefs of the Refuge of Hope.  It is extremely important that a Christian knows and understands what their church believes.  Salvation, the Godhead, and living a Christian Life are just some of the topics covered.  These lessons are basic in nature, and yet you should find them both interesting and informative…


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     A Longing for Truth | Introduction and Overview
     Prove Yourself | Personal Bible Study
     The Keys | Salvation – Understanding the chronology of the scriptures
     Types and Shadows | Salvation – The Old and the New Covenant
     The Death | Repentance
     The Burial | Baptism – What, Why and How
     The Resurrection | The Holy Ghost
     God | Understanding who and what God is
     Holiness | Introduction
     Setting the Standard | Scriptural guidelines of holiness standards
     Prayer | Creating an effective prayer life
     Christian Character | Characteristics of true Christians
     The Family | Ordering our family according to God’s will
     Stewardship | Divine ownership and Christian management





Powerpoint, or a viewer is required for the lessons.Adobe reader is required for the handouts.